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Jaclyn Gilstrap

Jaclyn Gilstrap is a community connector, organizer, and artist whose work focuses on supporting women and young people to get the resources they need. She is the co-creator of the podcast and project, Sitting in the Intersection, which explores the radical nature of relationships across differences. Her strengths and current work include organizational assessment and development, strategic planning, and challenging white-led organizations and community groups to restructure in a way that promotes the growth and leadership of people of color.

In recent history, Jaclyn worked at the UNC Center for Global Initiatives, connecting underrepresented students with first-time passports and fully-funded global opportunities. Prior to this, she worked for Ipas, an international reproductive rights organization that aims to ensure safe access to contraception and abortion, as needed. At Ipas, she pushed for greater focus

on youth leadership within the sexual and reproductive rights and justice movement and helped launch the International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma (inroads). 

Jaclyn served on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center. Her work with OCRCC focused on fund and friend raising and organizational development and growth. After stepping down from the Board, she helped establish the organization’s Racial Equity Task Force, promoting racial justice internally and externally in a systematic way.

Jaclyn was previously a Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan (2008-2010). She speaks Spanish, English and Azerbaijani and has translated works between all three languages. She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill (c/o 2008), with majors in Spanish and Political Science.