All is Not Lost in Terminal 2

As I boarded the plane on a Friday with one of my favorite people to visit one of our most endearing donors, I was surprisingly concerned about my "lost" weekend. No couch surfing, culinary creativity, laundry folding, mail sorting or errand running for me on Saturday, because yet again, I was "working."

Often when I'm on the road, I dread the drudgery of travel, and not the reason I'm going. This early fall season has been one of those frequent flying fundraiser months I often complain about scheduling until I get there. This is the month that I wish I had just spent the money on TSA pre-check and some lighter luggage. 

We landed on Friday afternoon after a few hours on a plane and headed straight to meet with our friend and donor. As we pulled up to the house, I began to remember why I was here, to visit a man with a heart as open, and as generous as my own. It has been a year since we'd seen each other, and the memories of our time together last summer is what brought me here today. There are a few moments in a person's life where you connect with someone's spirit and their will to do good work in the world that makes things better beyond the years they are here on earth. 

In this last month, I've had the privilege to be in the midst of a few of my favorite kindred spirits. People who care, and inspire me and those around them. Reordering the important things in your life to do this work can be invigorating, sacrificial, selfless and humbling.   

When I return home, my couch is still there, laundry still waiting to be folded, culinary masterpiece still ready to be cooked, mail still unopened, and errands left to be run. But, lives will be changed, and that is what really makes the all the difference. 

In the words of one of my favorite journalists, Linda Ellerbee, 

And so it goes, TT