The Gift: Our Story

Faith. That's the simple version of our story and sums up who we are and how we came to be in one word. The Gift, is just that, a decision to give over receiving, and to share our collective talents with those who choose to work with us. After using my life's talent to improve the lives of others for more than 20 years, I made a conscious decision to start something that could bring together the intersection of principles that we hold true. Those are passion, integrity and a deep commitment to inspiring philanthropy. About a year into starting this journey I had lunch with a dear friend who told me that in order to be successful at anything, it takes a team. Without a team, nothing can truly grow or thrive. That day, I committed to building Team Gift, and chose everyone that has joined this path and gone down this road less traveled with me. They, like me, stepped out on a journey of faith to support those with less than they, to build meaningful programs through the power of philanthropy, and to use their lives for change. And that is our story.