My Lifelong Love Affair with Events

Since the day I took my first job as a fundraiser I was handed the thick "figure this thing out folder" and it always included an event. When I was young, far more organized, naive and a bit more social, I built my personal and professional brand on executing successful events. I've done it all, big theaters, concerts, famous artists, house parties and elaborate dinners all over the world. 

So, 22 years later I start to get the shakes and shivers when I think about fundraising events, and the fact that I'm still called upon to make them happen for my clients. I believe that events bring people together, raise awareness, and start a dialogue, which is important. Today, advancing these conversations forward beyond the feel good times has become my focus. Getting the right people to wrap their arms around building a legacy with their lives, after the party is over can be easier said than done. 

Our team continues to work on how to use events as a gathering of like minds that make things happen for the greater good. And that's the reason why I still love a party...