When the Tough Get Going

Sometimes things get tough in fundraising when you least expect it.  This has happened throughout my career, when there is a dip in your valley when you at your highest peak.  One might say that is because you are on the cusp of making something even bigger happen, and that is when chaos often ensues.

Often times, new ideas come with fear of unknown outcomes, and when you are a creative thinker it sometimes comes with a tornado that ends with a rainbow. In fundraising, we set the bar high if we believe in a cause that we feel deserves the enormity of support we’ve imagined it could garner.

Capturing The Moment

When a prospective supporter is engaged, it is important to give them the opportunity to find ways to help. Some are more interested in helping through giving advice at a meeting or two, or through joining a group of thinkers like them. We used to push people who weren’t ready to make the leap into a Board seat into something called, “committees” and we now call them advisory groups. Some are more interested in working on a way to invest in the organization immediately, or may need consistent followup.  Reading these cues are important, and learning which direction to go in is key to nurturing relationships.

This isn’t a job for the impatient.  People give to people and what they believe in.  It takes time to build the trust to encourage the sacrifice and investment of time, energy, and funds that make things happen for what we believe in.