The New Hire Honeymoon

Are you filling the empty seats on your team?

Are you filling the empty seats on your team?

It's taken months for you to find the perfect fundraising fit for your organization, to get through the hiring process, search committees, endless paperwork, phone calls, and all that is HR. You've meticulously planned your new team member's on boarding, organized the welcome committee and are ready to launch on the first day they float through the door. 

The Best Laid Plans

You've cooked up a master plan for the success of your new fundraiser, and if it all plays out as it has in your head, they'll be sitting in front of donors by Day 10 on the job, closing gifts by Day 30 and all will be right in your world. Well, on Day 11, you realize that you may have lost track of the reality of bringing new faces into your existing culture. The fact is, most of us need time to understand and discern in order to progress and move forward with any new endeavor, but not too much time. You notice that you are being hit daily with many questions by your new team member, most you are prepared to answer, and some you aren't. Acclimating your new hire to an environment of intersecting personalities, objectives, and goals needs careful navigation, and thoughtful leadership.  

Nurturing Your New Gift Whisperer

Most fundraisers are relentlessly curious, and emphatically driven. Getting your new hire's head out of some of the existing internal dynamics and out in the field meeting with prospects is paramount to their success, and yours as a leader. To do this, setting expectations is key. One on one weekly contact report meetings, regular goal setting, and building out a 6-12 month success metrics is the best way to build momentum with your new hire, once the on boarding honeymoon is over.

Motivating to Make Things Happen

In order to encourage and motivate, a strong professional development program that includes peer mentoring, education, and an authentic recognition plan is important. Ultimately, your role modeling as a leader, and your connection to the mission, will make the deepest impression on your new team member. Remembering that their job, and yours, is to always inspire investment in the mission will get you over the threshold of the honeymoon high.