Keeping Your Cool



Those who know me best know there is one thing I hate more than anything in the world: heat.  I start complaining in Spring once it hits 77 that “It’s too hot outside”, and needless to say this current North Carolina summer has me paying all my money to Duke Energy to make life bearable.


In addition to the heat, summer is normally a time of transitions in organizations, old leaders leave, new staff comes on board, and new goals are implemented for the staff.  All these changes can sometimes make for a stressful time period where planning for the future is tough. Here are some tips on how you can keep your cool during the summer transition heat:

  1. Figure out what is staying the same: Even with new leaders and new staff, there are likely things that will stay the same, and odds are you know what they are.  Figure out what you are going to have to do regardless of what else is happening in the coming year and focus on planning for that.

  2. Engage with your team members: One of the nice things about the summer is that it tends to be a slower time at most universities and non-profits.  This is the perfect opportunity to re-engage with your team members, and figure out how you can best support one another.  Like I mentioned on my blog on summer planning, you can calendar your whole year out now, so why not bring everyone on the team in to make things smoother down the road?

  3. Relax a little: transitions happen, but stressing out rarely makes them go any more smoothly.  Try to keep calm and focus on getting your job done. Pretty soon, the Fall will be here and peak fundraising season will be in full swing. Keep your cool so that you can focus on doing your job well when the workload heats up!