Making Room to Give


Most of the posts on The Gift blog focus on sharing advice for fundraisers, non-profit leaders and marketers to create and execute development strategies. We spend our days thinking as fundraisers and want to share that knowledge, but at the end of the day, when we go home and check the mail, we find messaging appealing to us as individuals. With so many great causes vying for our resources, how do we make room to give?

Being able to give is not about having a certain amount of money. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “I’ll give next year” when the annual giving envelopes come your way. Yet when you start thinking this way, somehow it gets easier to push giving to next year, even as your income grows. Instead, we need to focus on making room to give now.

We make room in our schedules for work and date nights or much-needed Netflix time, or whatever we value and makes us feel good. We will continue to make room on our shelves for just one more book, and room in our closets for new shoes every fall. Our lives, and our giving patterns, reflect on what we choose to prioritize. 

Making room for giving creates a system that can actually make it easier to give. When we consciously make room for philanthropy in our lives, the flurry of requests in the holiday giving season aren't as overwhelming, because we know the causes we have valued throughout the year and we've set aside the resources. When we make room for giving now, it becomes easier to say yes year after year.