Post Script from my Summer at the Gift

Caitlin Scurria | Development Communications Intern

Caitlin Scurria | Development Communications Intern

From my first week, I learned that The Gift Develeopment Group was like no other business I had ever been apart of. There was never a day that I worked as The Gift's summer intern that looked the same. Everyday when I walked in I had different kinds of tasks to complete, whether it was writing a blog post, creating a logo, brainstorming for a report, or anything in between. I didn't sit in a cubicle closed off from the staff and I was always included in important meetings where I felt comfortable contributing. 

I've learned so much about planning and designing deliverables for clients, creating and maintaining websites, reviewing proposals, and fundraising for good causes and good people. I came out of this summer with new, valuable experiences that I am excited about. 

The people at The Gift have their own special gift. They have this great passion for people, integrity in their work, and philanthropic minds. 

Thank you Tonya, Maria, Chris and most of all Mary Elizabeth for your patience and kindness as you showed me the ropes of business development, marketing, graphic design and communications. I wanted this internship ever since I walked past your beautiful office and found out what you do for people in our community. 

This summer was amazing and I will miss you all greatly.