Harnessing Student Talent in Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit employers see potential in student’s abilities to grow their companies, but don’t know how to get students involved or harness their talents once they begin. Instead of simply asking students to tweet about events, post an Instagram of a project or update the company’s Facebook page, here are a few ways to recruit helpful students and use them effectively.

  1. Tap into what motivates students. Emphasize the resume-building opportunities they will participate in to gather relevant experience in their field of study.

  2. Look out for “University Day of Service” events that are happening at a nearby campus to recruit motivated students.

  3. Because peer influences are a driving factor in getting students involved, have former student employees share their experience at the company on their personal social media pages.

How can students help?

Students can offer help with creating and maintaining websites, videography, photography, editing, social media content and calendars, event planning, surveys, market research and blogging.

Students are taught much more than how to tweet and Instagram effectively in school; make sure to tap into these talents to get the most out of your student employee.