Taking a look through the Sieve of Giving at our HBCUs


Giving requires a surplus, a sacrifice and can be a struggle for those without any history of that habit. Yes, Giving is also habit forming. 

As we at the Gift work through our philanthropic vision for these institutions, We know who we will need to reconnect to the cause of saving them. We want them to answer the call. That is all. 

While CIAA is a great way to connect with others like us, and give back, let's get beyond that, and think about legacy in a way we never have before. Let's join together, let's be in solidarity for scholarships, school infrastructure and programs more than ever.  We need you to lead the charge as others will not. You, are now more than ever, the change.

Let's make this an outpouring in our hour of need!  Let's give like we've never done before.