Birthing a brand new blog, a website and a podcast... That Matters.

It all started a few months ago during one of our late afternoon "going off on a tangent" sessions.  We were on an endorphin high from some good news about a client when we dreamt up another one of those ideas we often have and then execute with obsession. 

So we up and just did it.

We bought, the place where I could park my musings, and inspire viewpoints on the things that matter. Of course, now that I think about it, our social and digital media guru, Mary Elizabeth was likely losing sleep on some Monday nights over the possibility that I might mention Kanye West, or some other controversial editable subject in my blog the following day that might ensue an office debate so "parking" my persona is probably a good idea.

Weeks later, we've been deep into the thick of working with our awesome set of collaborating clients and helping them fulfill their missions, but also looking closely at our own.  Our team is writing a lot about our experiences in the world of raising money and working together with our group and with our partners. 

And in our spare time we figured out what will look like. 

 Check out my blogs about life as an evolving entrepreneur, my adventures in inspiring generosity, and occasional musings from my  alter ego hybrid of a cook, garden and creative.  Listen, learn and laugh with our podcast series "What We We're Made Of" where I talk with women who are making their mark in the world, who have impacted lives, busted out ceilings and made things happen. I'll also include special "Dudes I Dig" episodes, which will feature men on a mission with their lives in various walks of life, and how I came to actually dig them enough to start a podcast just to share their with you.

So, that's it for now. In the words of my first podcast guest @minivansandgin, I'll see you on 'the' Twitter.

P.S. Tweet me ideas for podcast guests @giftgoddessnc and questions and feedback.