Why I Give: Everyone Can Give

Why I Give | Mary Elizabeth Entwistle | The Gift Development Group | L'Amour Foto

Why I Give | Mary Elizabeth Entwistle | The Gift Development Group | L'Amour Foto

As we close in on the end of the year, we are wrapping up our Why I Give blog series with one final reflection on the importance of giving back:

Everyone can give. Even in the smallest of ways or the simplest of moments, we all have something we can share with others. 

I give as a small way that I can support the organizations and institutions that have made an impact in my life. My alma maters gave me more than a degree, they shaped my worldview, enabling me to grow into the person that I am today. I want future students to have those same experiences, to have opportunities for internships, mentoring, all the out-of-the-classroom experiences that donor support can provide. 

I give to invest in the future. There are so many organizations tackling the most critical issues facing our world today. If I want to see a world with more educated women leaders, strong journalists, healthcare for those in need, a better North Carolina, I can make an investment by giving. 

Giving is not always easy, especially when there are so many demands on our time, talent and treasure. I give because I have been given so much, and I know that there is always something for me to share if I make giving a priority. In the words below, I am reminded of what I have been given, how everyone can give, and why I give:

“Every morning a million North Carolinians get up and go to work for wages which leave them below the poverty line so they can pay taxes that finance the education you receive in North Carolina. Your job is to figure out how you’re going to pay them back.”   Dr. Bill Friday, President Emeritus, UNC System